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Performance & Satisfaction guranteed!

Our Mission


To deliver unmatched client satisfaction, business integration and insight, through highly technical data services, towards building smart digital enterprises. Our skills. Our tools. Our risk. Your outcomes.


Our differentiator is the combination of:

1. highly technical data services

2. tailored data science stack & recipies 

3. customer centric innovative solutions

4. competitive total cost

Why do business with us?


  • Lower Total Cost vs. individual resourcing

  • Low Risk  (duration, scope, completion, contract changes)

  • High Quality and Client Satisfaction

  • Focus on getting the job done vs. recruiting project individuals



We love what we do ! 


We are a niche business focused on Unleashing Business, Liberating Data and Tailoring Solutions. We were founded in 2003.

Our team earns the trust of every client. We collaborate with diverse global experts to ensure our clients get immense value. We love what we do.

Located in Toronto at First Canadian Place, we are a niche company that specializes in solving business problems based on underlying data issues. Since 2003, we have been promoting and applying global practices tailored for individual clients. Van Spall Inc. provides an alternative to the often used one-off resources or the large “Big 5” solutions companies. We work as a flexible team, are self-managed, continually mitigate current and possible risk, and remit a full range of detailed and comprehensive deliverables throughout and at the end of a project. We intend try to see things from your point of view, and try become an “extra arm” to help you actualize your intentions.

  • We apply a deep understanding of the needs of business, data, technologies, and processes

  • We implement a unique approach (bottom-up, tailoring, address from all angles...)

  • We stay current with and thoroughly understand the World of Data

  • We provide excellent pricing/value (Big-5 Solutions at reasonable prices)

We focus on data

Today business is faced with an impending tidal wave of digital data, and previous approaches and technologies are struggling to keep up. The child it once managed has become a giant. Today this giant can either hurt you or empower you. Data comprises both the growing tidal wave and the individual drops of water within it. Business has to be prepared to manage both ends of this spectrum (and everything in between) to succeed. The data represents your “business avatar” - the data is You, the data your clients see is You - so the data has to be solid. Van Spall Inc. ensures that this foundation of data is complete, is sufficiently granular, of sufficient quality, and that it gets to the right people at the right time in a secure and robust manner. Towards this end Van Spall Inc. brings a very good understanding of your business priorities, applications, processes, and technologies.

To provide data-driven Insight and Solutions

Insight involves the understanding of the true relationships and behaviours between cause and effect within a given situation. To understand these relationships it is best to address them at their root level – in the “trenches”. At the level of data. And trace them upward. Van Spall Inc. traces the effects (pain points) to their original causes, traces the cause to its root origins, then custom-aligns everything within all levels of the business. This quantifiable information provides true insight and solutions for business data problems. Van Spall Inc. works with you early to identify your priorities, isolate your business problems, and help you
throughout the entire lifecycle to fix your problems and tune them for optimized operation. Using a data-driven approach establishes a solidly-managed firm foundation from which to make accurate, consistent decisions in all areas of your business to gain unprecedented competitive advantage.

And gain competitive edge

Recent studies cited in ComputerWorldUK consistently confirm that companies that base their decisions on data and analytics actually perform better than their competitors. “Companies using data-driven decision making actually show higher performance … about 5% more productive and profitable than their competitors “ says Erik Brynjolfsson, economics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Advantages of a data-driven approach
Make good things happen

  • Increase revenue, profits, new sources, return on equity

  • Improve cyber security

  • Improve sales, market value

  • Enhance reputation, increase customer base

  • Improve efficiency

  • Productivity – people, processes, technology

  • Increase asset utilization

Prevent bad things from happening

  • Decrease costs

  • Mitigate risk

  • Prevent fraud/ thefts, threats

  • Lessen customer churn

  • Decrease competitive impact

  • Reduce waste

  • Decrease time to market


We are on the Board of Directors for IRMAC (Information Resource Management Association of Canada), and our memberships include:

• Data Management Association

• Healthcare Information Management Systems

• Wharton Analytics Initiative

• Toronto Board of Trade


• Project Management Institute

We were selected as the Platinum Keynote Speaker at the recent MDM & Data Governance Summit Canada held in Toronto. We were also selected to test Google’s Big Data product (BigQuery).

Data evangelists

Van Spall Inc. is regarded as experts on data matters by the data community. As such, we also serve the community by providing Public Speaking, Training, and Publications services to promote, explore, and illuminate data issues. Recent discussion topics have included:

• What data can and cannot do

• Analysis – expanding the borders

• What is Data Science? and others…

Our intention is to educate, entertain, and engage our audiences. These engagements have encouraged clients to approach us, developed into problem-solving discussions, and expanded into proposals.



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