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Services: Engineering the Enterprise for Cloud/Hybrid Data Warehouse, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Highly Technical Services to Unleash Your Business


      Building smart data driven platforms.        Running operational data services.           Governing complex data practices.


Market, brand, sales, merchandising, campaign management

Customer behavior, on-boarding, churn

Point of sale transaction, cross-channel, modelling (sales attribution, average order value, lifetime value…)

Revenue assurance, forecasting, price optimization

Client relationship management, supply chain, customer loyalty, credit scoring

Employee talent performance, engagement, satisfaction

Ad targeting, recommendation engine

Trade surveillance, threat analysis, fraud, spam

Risk, cybersecurity


Regulatory, legal compliance


Information Management Strategy, Architecture, and Governance
(information governance, service oriented architecture SOA, model driven architecture, enterprise data management strategy, enterprise content mangement strategy, enterprise information assessment, shared service model)

Access, Search, and Delivery
(Enterprise portals and information delivery, enterprise search, mobile device access)

Information Asset Management
(information lifecycle management, information security, metadata and taxonomy cataloguing, workflow information management, access and monitoring control, data centre management, information system usability)

Enterprise Content Management
(document management, records, contracts and IP management, ERP document management integration, digital asset management, web content management, collaboration, COI, knowledge capture)


Master Data. Big Data. Open Data. Analytics.

Big Data, Apache Hadoop, Map Reduce, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Twitter Open Source, Google Big Query. + Traditional data vendors

Master Data Management (MDM), client/financial/sales/product hubs

Open Data, structure, technology platform, data sets, analytics

Analytics, business intelligence, pattern recognition, visualization

Algorithms, advanced statistics, machine Intelligence

Data hierarchies, Data Modeling

Data governance, stewardship, risk, compliance

Data quality, profiling, cleansing, matching, survivorship, fuzzy logic 

Federated database management systems, data warehousing

Discovery, data assessments, data mapping

Identity and data access management, data loss prevention

Data migrations, extract transfer load (ETL)

Service oriented architecture (SOA), REST API, data integration

Data policy, backup, recovery, archiving, and storage

High availability, security, privacy & business continuity.

Knowledge Sharing
Speaking Engagements

We welcome opportunities to speak at public and private events for the purpose of illuminating Business and Technology topics related to Master Data, Big Data, Open Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Internet of Things. 

Our Key Note speech at the Master Data Management and Data Governance Summit Canada is available here.


We have carefully developed tailored 1 to 5 day education programs on the topics of Master Data, Big Data, Open Data and Analytics.

Our sample syllabus for Master Data Management and Data Governance is available here.


We have several publications on the topic of Master Data, Big Data, Open Data and Analytics.

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