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Our Approach








Tell us your goal or problem. Tell us your budget. We do the rest.​​


We are experts in harvesting global ideas, applying multi-disciplinary approaches, modern technology, diverse experiences and great practices for each and every client, ensuring their objectives are met. We are the trusted partner of project/service sponsors to get the job done including managing - difficult stakeholders, complex scope and technologies, tight deadlines, limited budgets and turn-around situations - and by providing exquisite leadership, great professional conduct, unmatched breath/depth of technical skills and unleashing team spirit and performance.



Tailored Methodlogy

Agile Execution

Policy and Compliance

Tailored. Cost effective.

​Our methodology comprises a risk centric approach combined with tailoring at all levels of the project. Immediately addresses pain points. In the spirit of the Lean Six Sigma tradition, we promptly identify and address the immediate “pain points” that can weaken an organization.

• Our approach rapidly cuts to the heart of problems in a quantifiable, practical, and cost-effective manner
• Coupled with traditional methodologies, this provides us with a “pincer” approach that quickly stabilizes immediate problems while aligning the solutions with the overall operations of the business


Minimizes traditional top-down investigations while immediately cutting to the heart of the problem. Bottom-up serves as triage in a critical situation. Our client experiences have shown us that rapidly addressing the problem in a hands-on fashion and working up:
• increases the level of quality
• saves time
• saves costs
• creates clear and accurate insight into the problem

Our approach has been proven consistently effective with all clients.

Provides an individual fit, a solution custom-tailored from the very beginning results in the lowest cost, risk, time, and provides

the most optimal path to your success. We are experienced tailors that customize people, processes,
data, and technologies. Ultimately, we aim to be custom tailors for your business.

We immediately address your pain points with our bottom-up approach, establish a direct understanding of problem areas, and acquire insight and vision to make the optimal selections for the elements of your solution.

Business is run by people - and, increasingly, by “machines” - interacting with processes that
consume data powered by technologies. Van Spall Inc. leverages all these assets, addresses them
from all angles, and combines them in a tailored fashion to solve your problem while continually giving
you the assurance that we are looking out for you.

In these key areas 

We are ever vigilant regarding your preferences and concerns.

We strive to understand your needs,

continually minimize your risk, and remain in constant communication to address your preferences/
concerns in the key areas addressed below.


Our people
We choose our team very carefully for their experience, highly developed skill sets, dedication, and
commitment to looking out for your needs towards solving your problem, with:
• skill sets tailored to the specific type of problem area
• using tailored approaches
• right attitude
• right motivation

We love to solve problems.

Your people
• we engage your people with our bottom-up insights
• we motivate, inspire, and lead them towards superior performance in pursuit of the solution


We select the appropriate elements of the best Frameworks (TOGAF, Zachman, PMI, DLC, ITIL, etc.) to
fashion the best fit for your solution.

Data represents the organization – what it does, how it does it – the whole business is represented in

the data at both macro and micro levels of information. We address data funding, data quality, data
performance, data risk/security, data architecture, data retention, data integration, data ownership to
present you in the best possible light to both current and potential clients.


We make use of technologies offered by all the major and niche vendors that would best propel your
solution. Additionally we come with our tools, approaches and recipies. Van Spall Inc. attacks your problem from all angles, tailoring all the elements into a cohesive and

customized solution.

Rapid. Risk Managed.

Our approach rests firmly on twin foundations throughout each stage of a project:

1. Responsiveness to your project needs: Frequent and rapid communication and action.
2. Risk Management at every step: Team, profits, technology, configuration, app dev, infrastructure, time pressures, conflict (people)


Van Spall Inc. constantly applies each of these foundational elements in addressing the key business
pillars of People, Processes, Data, and Technology.

Project Phases

Resting on this foundation are the conceptual, overlapping key phases of the project:
1. Discovery
2. Modelling
3. Developing and testing
4. Building and integration

1. Discovery

During this phase we measure all aspects of your business to get an accurate view of your situation.
Understanding your corporate knowledge, corporate practices, existing data, existing applications,
skills, etc. helps us to present you with viable options. Together we determine the critical path to your

Data. We examine the content within your processes looking at:

• it’s quality, integrity, structure

• how it’s being served

• no data, too much data, corrupt data, duplicates

• is there a single source or multiple versions?

Technology represents the applications and infrastructure that processes, holds, and manipulates
data in a somewhat automated fashion. We look across all these dimensions in a business/client-
centric view to ensure that all these layers are aligned and work well together.
• How optimal is the flow across these areas?
• We provide a scorecard assessing the effectiveness of these activities.

Process involves documenting the current state. We use Lean Six Sigma to measure the time, people, waste etc. involved. We also interview people involved about their experiences with the current

People. We assess the skills and roles of your people in various areas:
• data analyst, information analyst, business analyst, business architect, information architect, data architect ,database expertise, reporting expertise, data cleansing/matching...
• Does the current staff have the capability? what are the areas? do we have coverage?
• what gaps are these – in the skill sets? in the depth of the skill sets?


• problem/opportunity statement
• high level requirements
• assessment methodology
• status reports and briefings notes
• scorecard

2. Modelling

First we draw up a plan defining the project scope and charter.
• complete and accurate, leveraging the foundation, sequencing interrelations within the plan
• tailored to incorporate risks and assets to ensure completeness and accuracy re problem

• timeline, milestones, communication plan, detailed business and technical requirements
• we apply all aspects of project management - integration, scope, time, cost, quality, resource,
communications, risk

Then we define the appropriate mutually-agreed upon prototype - a high-level solution and
demonstration that the Plan works.
The planning never stops. Van Spall Inc. always looks ahead into the future while managing the
overlapping arcs of the project phases.


• charter/scope
• detail requirements
• architecture
• timeline, milestones, communication plan
• resource plan
• risk plan
• prototype plan
• prototype
• proof of concept demonstration


3. Developing and Testing

We develop, test, and deliver the prototype.

• Q/A
• development schedule
• agile or waterfall deliverables based on DLC

• iterative bi-weekly packages per Plan

includes code and configuration files

• detailed iteration to address • technical specs

• test plan

• test results

• promotion plan

4. Building and integration

The Plan is implemented and in production. Additional tailored services can be provided (data as a service).

• Records and reports - accurate, detailed, and up to date records, action logs, and status reports
• All assessment documents - requirement documents, hierarchy documents, logical data models,
RFP documents, vendor evaluations, and working prototypes of the solution, executive overviews
and status reports
• Document repository - all research documents in a formal taxonomy within a soft library system
available to the client. The library also includes articles, reference material, website URLs, and
other gathered secondary research materials
• Standards - appropriate methodologies, a list of standards, a governance model to help future
changes to align better with the solution, and a road map for direction

Compliance with Innovation

Van Spall Inc. is flexible in adapting and adhering to your established policies and standards.

We will adhere to:

• your Privacy and Confidentiality standards and needs
• the strictest codes of conduct in performing our activities
• your established legal and financial requirements
• your established security policies and requirements

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