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We consider it a privilege to serve our clients. We have services for clients in

  • Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets
  • Telecommunications, Mobility, Video, Content
  • Marketing, Advertising, Loyalty, Campaigns, Coupons
  • Technology, Consumer, Enterprise, eCommerce, Security, Data Centers
  • Healthcare, Evidence, Billing
  • Manufacturing, Chemicals, Logistics
  • Retail, Channels, Point of Sale, Social Networks
  • Utilities, Electric, Gas, Nuclear
  • Resources, Mining, Energy, Refinery 

"You have made a difference for our business. Solved something that was difficult for us."

- Finance executive, revenue $10+ billion



"Van Spall Inc. provided us data science as a service. It saved us from the cost and risk of finding the skills, tools and managing it to success."

- Sales executive, revenue $15+ billion



"Understanding and predicting consumer behavior is not easy but you folks can get us there." 

- Marketing executive, revenue $10+ billion 



"The SWAT team. You can find insights that many can't."

- Risk executive, revenue $3+ billion



"You have the mindset, tactical and communication skills that are needed to cross boundaries and solve tough business problems."

- Business Analytics industry expert

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